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I was referred to Dr. Schmoe by another chiropractor who went to school with him. I’ve had a number of concussions (8 total from a career in pro hockey) and she (the referring physician) thought that he might be able to help with a neck problem that I’ve had for 18 months (caused by another hockey injury – a concussion). That first appointment he was able to figure out that it was not a neck problem, but a shoulder injury with referred pain that was causing my neck to spasm. After doing some of the concussion testing he also was able to see that the entire right side of my body was overly sensitized because of the head injuries and was causing the problem of the referred pain in my neck. Before I left that first session, my neck pain had been reduced by 75%. Over the next few weeks and 3 more sessions, he was able to get the pain to subside enough to figure out that there was also probably an internal injury to my shoulder (labrum and possibly the bicipital tendon). Four previous physicians had missed this diagnosis, including having an MRI and X-rays. On his referral, I went to a shoulder specialist and found out that there WAS a tear in my labrum and bicipital tendon (exactly what Dr. Schmoe had suspected). Surgery is scheduled for next week. I was beginning to think that I was going to have to learn to live with the unbelievable pain that I was having and pain killers were starting to become a problem. By taking a different approach than just prescribing pain killers or doing a neck adjustment, Dr. Schmoe was able to track my pain back to the problem spot (my shoulder) and figure it out correctly. I highly recommend Dr. Schmoe and he will be my first call if I have any other neck, back, shoulder, or concussion issues in the future. A different approach was exactly what I needed and I wish I would have found him sooner.

Sincerely, Mike M. – Chanhassen, MN, Concussion/Shoulder Injury Testimonial

Dr. Schmoe has an overwhelming passion to help people overcome any challenging problems they might have presented to them, and I continue to be impressed with his knowledge and the high quality of care he offers his patients. His knowledge and skills in dealing with the nervous system, including how nutrition and stress relates to it, is second to none. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking the very best in the field of functional neurology.

Cal Dietz, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Minnesota

Dr. Schmoe and his staff are absolutely extraordinary. I had been having some strange neurological symptoms following a car accident for well over a year and had been to multiple doctors in a fight to figure out exactly what was going on. It wasn't until I found Dr. Jeremy that I finally found both answers and relief. Dr. Jeremy informed me that I had been experiencing chronic concussion symptoms. Within a couple of months of treatment my symptoms had nearly vanished. Even though I had been living a healthy lifestyle, functional neurology was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Dr. Jeremy is a truly brilliant practitioner and I am proud to call him a colleague of mine. 

M.B- DC Doctor of Chiropractic

After being diagnosed with MS, I sought assistance with managing my symptoms and found hope within MFNC. I now have less pain from spasticity due to gentle manipulation and muscle work done by Dr. Schmoe. Throughout my management plan, I experienced vast improvements in my strength, ability to balance and focus, as well as made progress in my fatigue symptoms. My capacity to breathe and yawn is also enhanced. If my chest feels tight and I am having difficulty breathing, I’ll do my eye exercises Dr. Schmoe showed me. My chest relaxes and deep, comfortable breathing resumes. The use of ARPWAVESTIM was extremely therapeutic. I could feel immediate brain alertness and reconnecting to my body. Without Dr. Schmoe, it is easy to say I would not be where I am today; more relaxed, comfortable and happy. Thank you Dr. Schmoe!  

- Julie E., Woodbury, MN

Seven years ago I started having issues with my eyes. My eyelids were uncontrollably/involuntarily closing. Not a twitching of the eyelids but actually closing. It was getting so bad that I had trouble doing ordinary things like driving, watching TV, going to the movies, seeing the computer screen at work, trouble with different lights, and social situations.

I was seen and treated by two doctors for the first year who kept trying different treatments for the condition called “dry eyes” which they both had decided I had. Nothing was helping the eyelid situation and they just became worse to a point where I was not safe to drive and my husband drove me to work. At that point I was doing research on my own trying to find someone on the internet that had the same issues and trying to find a doctor that could treat it.

After seeing a few more doctors, I was referred to a doctor who knew what I had and put a name on it. "Blepharospasm." I was told that there is no cure for Blepharospasm. The only treatment option for me was Botox Injections in the eyelids and forehead. I found that the injections helped quite a lot at first and were needed every three months. Over time they did not help as much. The last injections I got were in September of 2014 and they did not work at all. I was having headaches due to the blinking and trying to keep the eyelids open.

I was seeing a chiropractor at Family Focus for the headaches and when I told her that the last injections were not working, she referred me to Dr. Schmoe at MN Functional Neurology and Chiropractic Office.

I started treatments in October. The treatments combined with therapy exercises at home and adjusting my diet have improved my eyes so much! I have no headaches and the involuntary blinking has decreased greatly. I still have ‘dry eye’ and a light sensitivity. We continue to work on the blinking and the light sensitivity with the treatments and diet.

My eyes have greatly improved which makes my every day life so much better! My confidence is returning and along with that my positive attitude. I feel like I can be a normal person, enjoy normal activities without wondering how my eyes will handle the different situations.

It's amazing how much better I feel now that I know there is a cure and I am working towards it!

I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr Schmoe's office. He and his staff are wonderful!!

Thank you for giving me a normal life back!

- Julie B. Maple Grove, MN

I first started seeing Dr. Schmoe a little over 2 years ago. I was a real mess! I had horrific concussion symptoms along with vertigo day and night, it was terrifying. I also suffered from dystonia, my head was tilted way over to the right side and could not go straight up. I had extreme neck pain, so bad you couldn’t even touch my neck, if you did it would set the vertigo off. There were also debilitating migraines, shocking nerve pain, blurred vision, and nausea. I also deal with a rafting sensation, as if I am on a raft out on the ocean. I was unable to live life with any normalcy. I couldn’t drive, exercise, work, play with our kids, see our friends or be around any noise, light or stimulation. No TV, no phone, no computer, no music or reading.

I had been suffering for 10 years with these symptoms and I wasn’t sure what Dr. Schmoe could do for me as I had already seen many “specialists”, including being seen at the Mayo Clinic. What I found was an amazing, bright and compassionate doctor. A brilliant healer who was quickly able to identify my symptoms and start in on a specific treatment plan to stabilize me. After stabilizing and more testing, he came up with the treatment plan to move forward and make me stronger and more able to be around the stimulation that I usually had to avoid. He gave me exercises to do at home and had treatments we would do in the office.

Dr. Schmoe also suggested that I change my diet to help reduce inflammation. He taught me about foods and supplements that would work for my body and help in the healing process. My husband and I both noticed a significant change for the better.

Today my life has a renewed hope for the future that I have always dreamed of. My head is straight up, most symptoms are gone or under control! I have started to drive again, to go to my kids activities, and have lunch with my husband and friends. I can now take care of myself and help my family. I have been walking for my exercise a lot. It has been so fun and I noticed that I was now up to walking 3 miles! This is a true miracle for someone who had to be carried into Dr. Schmoe’s office! Now I have set a goal to walk in a 5k! My family is so excited that they are going to join me. I have longed to be able to do fun active things with my family and now those dreams are coming true! Dr. Schmoe has been a life line!

Thank you Dr. S and Minnesota Functional Neurology!

- Toni S., Richfield, MN

Although some would say we were really lucky, I know there was divine timing involved! The day following my son's injury from football, I sat in south Minneapolis on a Friday with a friend and soon to be consultant to work on my new company's brand and messaging. In an effort to articulate why I felt a bit in disarray that morning, I articulated the details of my son's injury and shared that I had left him next door at the coffee shop for our meeting because his doctor appointment was quicker than anticipated. My friend quickly shared that she was working with a client who was a functional neurologist who specialized in sports injury and went in to a bit more detail about his practice. I couldn't believe the timing and I asked if I could call and leave a message during our meeting. My son's injury was bad and I needed answers...and as quickly as possible would be ideal. Dr. Schmoe called back within a few minutes and gave me brief instructions for how to proceed for caring for Myles over the weekend and said that he would like to see Myles on Tuesday. I sent Myles to school on Tuesday for his first day of school and picked him up early for his appointment. It would be almost three weeks before he could return to school again. Dr. Schmoe, after extensive testing, testing Myles could not fool and I could not believe, shared with me the extent of Myles' brain injury. It had affected his entire left side leaving numbness, disjointed movements and a lack of balance my 6'5" athlete couldn't override with determination. We were devastated. Our local sports injury clinic said it was a concussion and were ready to send him back to school after a few days. Weeks of therapy, nutrition advice, supplement encouragement and eventual recommendations for reintegrating into school life...Myles was healed. We are SOOO thankful to Dr. Schmoe for his care, concern, honesty and expertise in handling Myles' brain injury and recovery. I am quite confident if we took the advice of our local sports injury clinic physicians, the headaches would be nagging and the healing would not be complete. Thank you Dr. Schmoe. We are thankful God brought you into our lives at the very perfect time! Blessings on you and your practice!

- Concussion Rehab Testimonial for D1 Basketball Recruit

I have had the good fortune to observe Dr. Schmoe's skills firsthand. He completed his final quarter preceptorship in my clinic and based on this I can say without reservation that I would trust a family member to his care. His observational and diagnostic skills are matched only by his compassion. His patients are in great hands.

- Glen Zielinski, DC, DACNB, FACFN, Northwest Functional Neurology

She's now Dancing!!!

My four year old daughter began seeing Dr. Schmoe at the end of December after hearing she may have speech disapraxia, she also has low muscle tone and cognitive delays. We saw him and he gave her simple exercises to do three times a day. She came back less than a week later and there were already obvious improvements. Her walk was improved. She was saying words I hadn't heard her say. She was dancing! She had never attempted to do that as her balance was not very solid. Within a month: she had not tripped while walking or running the whole time, she began saying three and four word sentences more often, she was not mixing up names of our family members as often. It has now been four months since we began and she has gotten confident enough to play with classmates at school and talk in school, she has much better control of her body, and can respond faster when looking for words. We are so happy with the changes in our daughter, because of Dr. Schmoe's direction and our commitment to do the exercises.

Shannon B.

Everyone has a story; this is a chapter of mine. I am a 67 year-old mom and grandmother, widowed at 52 and retired from nursing after 40 years. I had to be very independent and was strong on all levels until confronting numerous stressors since 2000. Gradually I noticed in 2007 I was anxious every year; I became more nervous and weaker and experienced more health issues, including slight left sided tremors. On June 2013, I crashed physically and emotionally and my neurological symptoms worsened. I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s. He prescribed medication on June 18. In 10 days I had no tremors but was essentially bedfast and I couldn’t even walk over 20 feet without rest. I was too weak to fix food; fear, dread, depression and hopelessness set in. I was also down 20 pounds. My daughter brought me from SE Iowa to Minneapolis. By God's grace and direction she learned about Dr. Schmoe. On my initial visit with an extensive evaluation he said he could help. With each visit, my fear, dread, and anxiety decreased and I became hopeful due to Dr. Schmoe’s expertise. He is extremely professional and an expert practitioner. After each visit I noticed improvement. To date on August 22 (1 month of treatment) I have documented 46 improvements physically, emotionally, socially and many prayers answered. Dr. Schmoe is such an encourager and Dr. of integrity. He shares my improvements with joy equal to mine. He has restored me to good health. I am beyond grateful. Handwriting improved, no foot drop, lifting toes, inner weakness gone, hammer toes relaxed, improved breathing, neck muscles loose, head movement full range, internal tremor gone, tremors minimal, more expression, socialization improved, walking further and faster, legs stronger, eye movement improved, sleeping well, no back pain, sit in a chair, can stand and fold clothes, can walk into a store without hanging onto a cart, less hand stiffness, inner dread gone, less anxiety, hopeful, more living in the moment, interacting more with kids, more interest in things, able to use utensils and curling iron, increased walking speed, easier to talk on the phone, energy is back, no pain in hips and shoulders, hand atrophy improved, no naps, healthy eating, lower sugar intake, no caffeine needed, weight stable, no more feeling like walking in cement, no headaches, improved balance and can make better decisions.

- Handwritten by Pam D with no tremors on 8-22-13, Patient

Dr. Schmoe and his staff at Minnesota Functional Neurology have done wonders for my quality of life in the last three months. In the spring of 2013, I developed a slight tremor in my right hand. Thinking it was due to all the hours I spend on a computer at work, I didn't give it much attention. Shortly after, I started to develop other symptoms: tingling/numbness/weakness/tremors/fasciculations in both feet (up to my knees), and both hands (up to my elbows), dizziness, lightheadedness, loss of balance, loss of strength, and extreme fatigue.

My health was on a steady decline and my quality of life was fading. I saw a slew of doctors/specialists: three neurologists (including one from the famed Mayo Clinic), two rheumatologists, a cardiologist (from Mayo), and a couple of general practitioners. After many appointments, blood tests, MRI's, CT scans, x-rays, medications, and physical exams over the course of 18 months, no one could determine the source of my symptoms and why they were worsening. With the exception of my GP, all of these specialists tried to suggest I was depressed. An easy cop out for them, yet a painful and frustrating response for any patient to hear. I knew I wasn't depressed and I knew something(s) wasn't functioning properly in my body. I had to take a leave of absence from work because even the simplest of daily tasks became daunting for me. Hope was fading fast and I didn't know what the future held. My chiropractor at Caron Chiropractic referred me to Dr. Schmoe. With nothing to lose and everything gain, I decided in the fall of 2014 to take one last shot at figuring out what was going on with my body. After my initial consultation, Dr. Schmoe, concluded my symptoms were consistent with that of Post Concussion Syndrome. Symptoms such as mine can manifest even years after a concussion. In addition Dr. Schmoe determined my body was extremely inflamed and that my digestive system was not operating properly. Dr. Schmoe placed me on the RepairVite diet and prescribed a number of natural supplements to aid with the recovery of my digestive system, reduce inflammation, and increase energy. He also prescribed at-home eye exercises to stimulate specific areas of the brain and weekly treatments at his clinic. My health has drastically improved over the past 3 months. My symptoms have been on a steady and noticeable decline while my quality of life has been on a steady and noticeable incline. My friends and family think I’m a completely new person. I will be returning to work soon and am excited to return to the life of the living!!! I am so thankful to God for leading me to Dr. Schmoe! His knowledge, talent, passion, dedication as well as his genuine concern for others is unlike any other medical professional I’ve met. Dr. Schmone is a true healer addressing the source of the problem rather than simply masking symptoms Thank you Dr. Schmoe for restoring my health, my quality life, and most importantly, my hope.

- Steve J.

June 2, 2014 was a day that changed my 13 year old daughter and our family’s lives forever. The last 5 minutes of a soccer camp, Abbey got a direct hit to the head with a soccer ball. She had a severe concussion with whiplash. At first, we thought the headaches were from being hit in the nose and that they would go away within a few days. After a week, the headaches persisted and we were directed to get a CT to ensure there was no bleeding. CT results were negative. After 2 weeks, the headaches were continuous and would not go away. We had an MRI and again the results were negative. Over the next 6 months, we went to concussion therapy twice a week, saw a neurologist, an occupational therapist and had cranial sacral therapy. We tried everything to get the headaches to go away. After seeing these doctors for 6 months, Abbey continued to have multiple knots in her neck and upper back from the “whiplash” injury, daily dizziness and nausea and perpetual headaches ranging from 2-10. After 6 months of no improvements, we were beginning to get desperate. One of my friends referred me to a holistic chiropractor that was not covered by our insurance. He told us he would work with Abbey for 4-6 weeks. If he didn’t see improvement, he would refer us to Dr. Schmoe. We didn’t see any significant improvement and began seeing Dr. Schmoe in mid-December 2014. Dr. Schmoe was wonderful to work with and was certain that he could “fix” Abbey. Day 1 he did the VNG and Day 2 gave us the report out. Dr. Schmoe felt it was important to do a 3 day brain camp with him to get quick results. Within those 3 days of doing eye exercises, body movements and other treatments, Abbey’s VNG significantly improved, the dizziness diminished and most of the knots were gone in her neck without any chiropractic neck adjustments. Abbey’s headaches had gone down from an average of 8 to a 6. Dr. Schmoe was very honest and told us up front that the headaches would be the last to go. We continued for a couple of weeks with no significant improvements. Dr. Schmoe felt that Abbey’s perpetual headaches were metabolic and wanted us to go on RepairVite diet to break the headaches. I never wanted to be considered one of “those” people that ate “organic” and all that “healthy” food. Abbey and I liked our sweets and our frequent runs to the coffee shops for our “Fraps”. Bottom line, I didn’t want my teenage daughter to go on a “diet”. After a few weeks, we were more desperate as we were not seeing results and were concerned that Abbey would have headaches for the rest of her life. On January 20, 2015, (Month 8) Abbey and I decided to try the RepairVite program for 20 days. Dr. Schmoe was very clear that we could not cheat on the diet or it would not have the intended effect. Within 1 week, Abbey started noticing a difference in her headaches and for the first time in 8 months, she had periods of no headaches. At the end of the 20 days, Abbey’s headaches were down to an average of 2. We continued to see Dr. Schmoe through the middle of March 2015. Abbey is now playing sports full time at a level above what we have seen from her before the concussion. She has very little headaches and her dizziness and nausea is minimal. She continues on a modified nutrition program (as do I ) and she knows that sugar spikes her headaches and dairy bothers her stomach. She knows how to deep breathe if she has a headache and has learned tips on how to minimize her dizziness. We are very thankful for Dr. Schmoe and what he has done for Abbey. I would recommend him to anyone that has had a concussion. My only regret is that I wish we knew about Dr. Schmoe back in June 2014 as I feel Abbey’s concussion would have been better managed and healed much sooner. Looking back, we know that God had His hand in our journey. He gave us the perseverance and strength to never give up and have relentless determination to find that answer that we knew was out there. Dr. Schmoe was that answer and God used him to help heal Abbey. Abbey has learned a lot from her concussion experience and handled it with more grace, poise and inner strength than most adults would have. I know that she will use all the gifts she has learned through this experience throughout the remainder of her life. Who knows, maybe this will mold her to have a career in concussion therapy and help people like Dr. Schmoe helped her! Thank you so much Dr. Schmoe!! We are forever grateful for what you have done for Abbey!!

- Melissa D., Maple Grove, MN